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Spry Mind+Body's unique teacher training program is focused on in-depth learning, individualized coaching and personal growth. Our student teacher ratio is kept small so that we can provide each participant with concrete coaching and real time feedback.

Our program is based on a proven methodology developed at our sister studio, Savannah Power Yoga. In this program we will be offering content specific to teaching Spry Mind+Body classes, as well as some content that is applicable to both programs.

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A Modular Approach

Our  teacher training program is divided into two modules, designed for both new and existing yoga teachers. Yoga 101 focuses on the core curriculum required for all certified yoga teachers. Our Teacher Training module is both a leadership program and in depth training to be a inspiring and safe teacher. Students may enroll in the entire 200 hour program or take just one of the modules at a time.

Yoga 101 Module

Yoga 101 consists of the foundations of yoga: asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, history and philosophy. Students wishing to gain their 200 hour certification will take all of the Yoga 101 workshops in addition to the Teacher Training module.

We offer the Yoga 101 program over an extended period, meeting once a week,  and then daily for a 1 week intensive period. See below for more details. Some workshops in this module are taught in conjunction with Savannah Power Yoga teacher training.

Teacher Training Module

The Teacher Training module focuses on the techniques for teaching an inspired and safe Chair and/or Mat based yoga class. This portion of the training is open to 200 hour program participants as well as already certified teachers wishing to advance their teaching skills, especially those interested in adding specialized skills in teaching yoga for healthy aging.

This module is taught over an extended period, meeting once a week. See below for more details on dates and content.

2018 Program


April 5th - June 15th

Thursdays from 11:00 am - 3:30 pm

In addition to the weekly meetings, from June 8 - June 5th we engage in a 1 week intensive known as "Yoga Camp." During this week you will attend daily workshops and yoga classes from about 10:00 am - 3:30 pm.

Financial Investment:
$500 for Unlimited Members
$700 for Non-Members




June 21st - Nov. 11th

Thursdays from 11:00 am - 3:30 pm

We will meet every week and begin to break down the sequences step-by-step, interspersing in depth learning about the techniques and tools for teaching our Spry Mind+Body classes with practice teaching and one-on-one feedback.

Financial Investment:
$2250 - Includes all workshops and unlimited yoga classes from June 21 - Nov 11.

If you have an unlimited membership, we will pause your payments during the program.

200 Hour Program

For the 200 hour certification you will complete the Yoga 101 module, as well as the Teacher Training module. This program runs from April 5th - November 11th.

Financial Investment:
$2950 - Include all workshops and unlimited yoga classes from April 5th - Nov. 11th

(for those with unlimited memberships, during the 200 Hour programs, all yoga classes are included in your tuition and we pause your monthly membership fees)


If you are ready to apply for the program please use this link. Applications for our 2018 program are due by March 29th. 

Next Steps...

If you are ready to apply for the program please use the Apply Now link. If you have questions, please use the CONTACT US link below.